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Rules for Hal & Friends WebRing
and How to Join

  • This WebRing is open to anyone who would like to celebrate the life of a pet with any form of cancer or other debilitating disease.  The pages on the ring must pertain to this subject only.  All pages will be authenticated before being added to the ring. 
  • The ring fragment must be placed on the first page of your pet's story.  Please give the ring fragment a prominent place at the top or bottom of your page without burying it among other links or webring fragments.
  • You may tell your story in as much detail as you like, and may use photographs to accompany your text.  Because of the nature of this webring, there may be some photographs that are painful to view (such as a pet after amputation).  Please be tasteful with these photos, but certainly include them, if you wish.  One of the fears for many people concerns how their pet will look after surgery. 
  • Please refrain from giving medical advice on your page unless you are a veterinarian or other professional (with malpractice insurance!)  No single protocol is appropriate for all animals, all owners, and all circumstances.  You certainly may describe in detail what treatment you chose and why, but be careful not to "sit in judgment" on anyone who chooses another route.  After all, if any single treatment worked, we'd ALL be using it!  Please give equal respect to traditional medical treatment such as amputation and chemotherapy as well as holistic alternatives or additions to treatment such as anti-cancer diets.  
  • Please remember that some people elect, for various good reasons, NOT to pursue any kind of aggressive treatment, but to keep their pets comfortable until it's time to say good-bye.  It's a very personal decision.  Let's be kind to one another.
  • Pages must not contain "adult" material or references.  No commercial pages, please.

How to Join the Hal & Friends WebRing
Please follow these steps carefully.
  • First, get your web page ready.  Write your text, add your graphics.  Now you need to do only 3 more things: grab the graphics for the webring and upload them to your own directory;  join the webring; and add the code for Hal & Friends Webring to your web page.
  • Save a copy of the three Hal & Friends graphics you see below.  The one on the left is called halmain.jpg, the one in the center is halprevious.jpg, and the one on the right is halnext.jpg [Right click on the image and select "Save Image as".]  Upload these graphics to your own website and refer to them in the ring fragment. DO NOT refer to the address of these graphics on this page.  Upload them to your own directory.  Tripod has instituted a policy against remote loading and if you attempt to use the existing address of these graphics, your links will appear broken.
This is our big buddy, Hal
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  • Fill out the form below to register your site and write down the Site ID number you are assigned. In the description of your site, mention the type and breed of your pet. Submitting this form will put your page in the Hal & Friends 'queue,' until you are added to the ring. You will receive an email letting you know your site has been submitted to the queue.  This does not insert you into the ring; the ringmaster does that later.
Register for the Hal & Friends WebRing
Please make sure all fields below are filled in or your entry will be deleted without notification.
Your page's URL:
Your page's title:
Your e-mail address:
(The password allows you to later edit your entry. Please do not forget it!)
If you have any problems, e-mail


  • Next, you need to add the code for the ring fragment to your web page.  The easiest way to do this is to look at the confirmation email you will receive and visit the url it lists get the exact code for your site, with all blanks filled in.  Just copy this info, and paste to the bottom of your web page code.  Be sure this appears on the first page of your web site (you may include additional copies on subsequent pages, if you like).
  • ALTERNATIVE METHOD.  If you'd rather insert the code manually, save the code below to a simple text editor (like notepad).  After you make the changes detailed below, you will add this fragment to the first page of your pet's site. It contains the actual links and HTML code to create links to the Hal & Friends WebRing. [ Highlight the code and press <Control+C> to copy and then paste it in your document using <Control + V>.]
<!-- Begin Hal & Friends Fragment -->

<center><table BORDER=10 CELLSPACING=4 CELLPADDING=0 WIDTH="550" >
<td ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=CENTER ROWSPAN="2"><img SRC="halmain.jpg" NOSAVE height=126 width=98></td>

<font size=+0>This</font> <a href="">Hal
&amp; Friends WebRing </a><font size=+0>site is owned by <a href="mailto:__________">__________</a></font></h3>

<td ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=CENTER><a href=";id=_____;prev"><img SRC="halprevious.jpg" ALT="Previous Site" NOSAVE BORDER=0 height=60 width=120></a></td>

<center><b><font size=+0>[ <a href=";id=_____;prev5">Previous
5</a> | <a href=";id=_____;next5">Next
5</a> | <a href=";random">Random</a>
| <a href=";id=_____;next">Next</a>
<br><b><font size=+0>[ <a href=";list">Hal
&amp; Friends WebRing Index</a> ]&nbsp;</font></b>
<br><b><font size=+0><a href="">Want
to add your site?</a></font></b></center>

<td ALIGN=CENTER VALIGN=CENTER><a href=";id=_____;next"><img SRC="halnext.jpg" ALT="Next Site" NOSAVE BORDER=0 height=60 width=120></a></td>

<!-- End Hal & Friends Ring Fragment --> 

    • There are 7 blanks in the code.  The first one is your email address, the second is your name, and the remaining five will be your site ID.
    • In your text editor, make these changes:  The first blank should be your email address (example The second blank should be your own name.  Be sure to very carefully erase the underline marks without deleting any of the code.
    • The fragment should point to images on your site (halmain.jpg, halprevious.jpg, and halnext.jpg).
    • The Hal & Friends link, however, should still point to  Be sure to replace the blanks with your new ID number in the five instances where it's required.  Be sure to keep any punctuation and code that follows the ID number intact.
    • Copy the complete ring fragment to the FIRST page of your pet's story.  Please note that all the code will not "work" until the ringmaster adds you to the ring.
Whichever method you use, you should then:
  • E-mail us and request to be added to the WebRing. Be sure to include your Site ID Number in the message. We will look at your page and make sure everything is okay.  Then we will add you to the ring.
  • You should then receive an e-mail telling you you've been added to the ring.
That's it! You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page. 
This is our big buddy, Hal

This Hal & Friends WebRing site is owned by Roz & Vicky Hallenbeck

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